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W Inu
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Right now I'm playing a lot of Windward. It's pretty fun! People compare it to some sailing ship game by Sid Meier, which I haven't played, but what I'd compare it to is Space Empires: Star Fury, and ... blast, I forgot the name of it.

There was this game in the late 90s or early 2000s for which I had the shareware demo, which was a vector-based "top-down" game set in space, where you had a fighter-like ship of some kind that allowed you to colonize planets and establish automated trade routes. Your goal was to destroy the enemies' fighters, colonies, and freighters, and replace them with your own (of course). What made it different from other strategy games was that you didn't command anything other than your own fighter; the only way to directly influence what was happening anywhere was to personally be there.

Windward is similar - complete with randomly generated maps, establishing towns, building defenses, etc. - but with the notable exceptions that NPC ships in your faction are the same ship types as the ones you can buy, and the game being multiplayer. There's also an RPG-like system for upgrading your own skills, as well as some ship customization, the latter of which adds a nice dimension to multiplayer - you and your buddies can be a motley crew of variously pimped-out sailing ships, or you can go for a unified appearance and become a feared pack of hunters. Or you can just trade your way to success and forget about fighting unless absolutely necessary. Whatever ... floats your boat. Heh. Heheh. Hehehehehehehe :mrgreen: 

Me and a friend of mine are playing the game together, not on a major server (because I don't even MMO, myself), but you can go on a large server and MMO it up if you want. The single-player is also completely functional, though if you don't like the slower-paced portions of gameplay from games like these (see also: slowly flying through the uncivilized systems in Freelancer), you might find the gameplay boring once a particular area has been completely scoured of pirates and enemy factions. I myself very much appreciate a space sim (or in this case, "sailing sim") that's not afraid to let you play through the uneventful parts of a captain's life, generally just chilling while saving up for that ship or equipment that you want. My sister and I call this chilled-out kind of gameplay Freelancer Zen. If you don't like Freelancer Zen, probably best to avoid single player, but personally I find it fun as well as relaxing.

Pretty neat game overall. If you buy it and want to get into smaller-scale multiplayer, let me know, and we can sail the seven seas. Yarr.
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LOTR and The Hobbit: what would you say about them? 

6 deviants said LOTR is amazing, and better than the Hobbit
2 deviants said They're both equally amazing
1 deviant said The Hobbit is not that great, but better than LOTR
1 deviant said The Hobbit is amazing, and better than LOTR
1 deviant said Other (comment)
No deviants said LOTR is not that great, but better than the Hobbit
No deviants said They're both equally okay-ish
No deviants said They're both terrible and boring


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Hey, thank you for adding me to your deviantWATCH thingy.
I don't know if you remember me or not, but we used to watch each other's deviations when I had a different account.
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Ohh, so that's what happened... who did you used to be?

Also you're welcome - I like your tutorials :)
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Thanks muchly! I also finally have an idea for my part of the trade featuring the Hannah character so I'll endeavor to get to that ASAP :D
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